Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

The TRIAD-MP Drug Infusion Pump is a multi-channel pump currently in development by Lynntech and is designed to address the goals and needs of Expeditionary Medical Support. TRIAD-MP is designed to meet all of the key performance standards and Key System Attributes of the DoD.

TRIAD-MP is optimized to provide reliable delivery of of both drugs and fluids during treatment patient movement from point-of-injury through the continuum of care, including ground-based transport and Aeromedical Evacuation medical support.

  • Flow rate: 0.1ml to 950ml per hour
  • Continuous time-distributed dosing, even at lowest flow rate
  • High accuracy, even at very low flow rates
  • Very low pulsation, even at lowest flow rate

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Lynntech’s innovative solution offers a low-power solution with long battery life, improved overall accuracy and reduced fluid pulsing. In-line flow sensing facilitates detection of infusion rate errors and inclusions, including bubble detection.