Lynntech Inc. officially spins-off On-Demand Systems (ODS), an independent manufacturing company, whose focus is to transition emerging technologies from the design and development phase into production. ODS’s manufacturing proficiencies synergize with Lynntech’s R&D endeavors, resulting in improved commercialization success. The first product to be manufactured by ODS will be the On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ® (ODHT).


The Hypoxia Training Research & Development Team at Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division is awarded the 2019 NTSA Modeling and Simulation Award in Training/Simulation for the capability provided by the (Lynntech) On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ®.

Navy SBIR Success Story. Lynntech, Inc.’s On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ® was featured in the Navy’s Annual SBIR/STTR Transitions Spotlight Newsletter as a Navy SBIR/STTR Success Story.   LCDR Lee Sciarini, Director of Training Technology at the Naval Aviation Training Institute, Pensacola, FL stated that “The ODHT’S small footprint, minimal logistics requirement, approach to supportability, and maintainability could have a positive impact on the Naval Survival Training Institute, eight Aviation Survival Training Center, and anywhere else Hypoxia Training is delivered”.

Lynntech’s ODHT, the newest Hypoxia Awareness Training Device for Naval Aviation was showcased at the annual Tailhook Association Convention Sept. 5-7, 2019 in Reno, NV. Lt. Chris Gilg, a Naval Aerospace physiologist at the Aircrew Survival Training Center at Naval Air Station Pensacola, said the ODHT changes the game when it comes to recognizing hypoxia hazards while in flight. “We expect aircraft to perform in a certain way,” said Gilg. “When it doesn’t, however, there is a chance that hypoxia can set in; we can train aircrew to be able to recognize the symptoms in themselves and others. Bringing the system to Tailhook, we get to network with the aviators and to allow them to test this new device,” said Gilg. “It’s important for them to see there is work being done to make the training more realistic, with the on-demand system here. We’ve also been training students with it and based on the reliability it’s shown thus far, and the feedback that we’ve gotten, this system is what it actually feels like to breathe in the aircraft,” he continued. Currently, the ODHT is in the testing phase. Gilg said the Navy is hoping to see it fully implemented in 2021.

Lynntech’s ODHT was also demonstrated to Air Force and Navy officials during the inaugural Physiological Episodes Mitigation Technology Summit and Industry Day in Dayton, Ohio Dec. 17-18, 2019.

Lynntech receives additional funding for a handheld blood analyzer device, to further develop its novel technology position it for downstream transition into the product development stage.


Lynntech receives post Phase II funding in order to continue developing its electrochemical multi-channel drug infusion pump technology with emphasis on design for manufacturing, and FDA 510k approval to position it for downstream procurement by the Air Force for use in enroute care.

As evidence of the success that Lynntech has had in transitioning technology developments, it should be noted that the Government representatives supporting the design, development and production of its On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ® (ODHT) have been presented the following awards for their efforts.

The first of these is the Navy’s Hypoxia Training Research and Engineering Team was awarded the 2018 NAWCAD Innovation Award in the technical category for addressing the NAE’s (Naval Aviation Enterprise) #1 safety issue, Physiological Episodes (PE) in the cockpit. The group was cited for its successful leveraging of Science and Technology funding to develop new insights and technology to solve these problems. The award included the team’s leadership in developing a mask-on hypoxia training device, as designed and built by Lynntech, which increases understanding of the critical challenges of PEs and enhances training.

The second award was the 2018 NAWCTSD Admiral Luis de Florez Training and Simulation Award. The award recognizes significant accomplishments related to training systems that were developed or acquired through NAWCTSD (Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Detachment). The team was recognized for its efforts in developing of an enhanced capability mask-on hypoxia training device (aka the On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ® developed and built by Lynntech).


In a ceremony at the White House, the United States Small Business Administration’s Tibbetts award was presented to Lynntech. The Tibbetts Awards are presented annually to those who are beacons of promise and models of excellence in high technology.