Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Medical Devices

Hybrid Energy Systems

Algorithms and computational methods can be engineered to reveal information which is beyond human capability to discern.

Innovative point of care diagnostic devices for disease risk stratification in all roles of medical care.

Optimizing specific power and specific energy can be achieved by combining various power sources such as fuel cells and batteries into an integrated hybrid system.

Biomedical Technology

Safety and Training

Additive Manufacturing

Solutions for human health including medical diagnostics, medical assays, POC devices and development of new therapies for wound and disease treatment.

New technologies address critical needs for warfighters including training pilots for recognition of physiological symptoms such as hypoxia and hyperventilation.

Additives, coatings and targeted process optimizations are advancing the practical application of additive manufacturing technologies.

Lynntech scientists and engineers work together to discover new ideas and to create solutions. Additional technical expertise and support is also leveraged to help support prototyping, testing and advanced development. Lynntech has grown to incorporate all the stages of development including design analysis, advanced fabrication, software integration, testing and evaluation.


• Adversarial examples for detectors and classifications
• Satellite imagery analysis and enhancement
• Intent detection
• Detection and classification
• Anomaly detection
• Real-time video/IR anomaly detection
• Object detection, classification and obfuscation
• Photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction from 2D and LIDAR
• VR/AR Lab
• Aerial imaging and autonomous vehicles

• Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells
• Oxygen Concentrators
• Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
• Electrochemical Pumps
• Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA)

• FDM/FFM Deposition
• Cotton Infused
• Metal Infused
• Flame Retardant
• Energetic Materials
• Electrode Plating
• Electroless Plating
• Advanced Li-ion
• Li-S
• Li-Air
• Solid State Batteries
• Non-Li Battery Chemistries
• Non Flammable Electrolytes
• Ultracapacitors
• Dielectric Capacitors

• Lab and POC Diagnostics
• Infectious Diseases
• Food and Safety
• Host/Pathogen Interactions
• Portable PCR
• Biothreat Agents
• Neglected Tropical Diseases

• Cell and Tissue Culturing
• Integrated Bioreactor/Sensor Design
• 3D Bioprinting
• Custom Bioink Formulation
• Organ-on-a-chip Design

• Desalination
• Anti-fouling Coatings
• PFOA/PFAS Destruction
• Surface Modified Membranes and Sorbents

• Surface Modifications
• Plasma Catalysis
• Nanomaterial Synthesis
• Hydrocarbon Processing
• Fuel Upgrading
• Chemical Reactions